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‘I hacked an election. So can the Russians.’
  1. ‘I hacked an election. So can the Russians.’

    Professor Alex Halderman and the New York Times staged a mock election to demonstrate voting machine vulnerability.

    The post ‘I hacked an election. So can the Russians.’ appeared first on Michigan Engineering News.

  2. CSE alum startup SambaNova collects $56m in funding for AI chip research

    SambaNova’s approach, stemming from work by Olukotun and co-founder Christopher Ré at Stanford University, seeks to create a new platform from scratch that is optimized specifically for AI operations.

  3. Solar cells enable self-powered camera

    A solar cell combined with a camera sensor collects photons to provide electricity.

  4. Dmitry Berenson receives NSF CAREER Award to advance a robot’s ability to handle soft objects

    Berenson works to improve the ability of autonomous robots to handle soft, deformable objects.

  5. SMAP Update: A mission to manage water globally

    The satellite mission to collect global data of surface soil moisture can help weather forecasting around the world.

  6. Inaugural ECE Willie Hobbs Moore Alumni Lecture: Dr. Isaac R. Porche III

    Porche discussed the changing definition of war and how information is playing a greater role than ever.