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Finding meaning in varied data
  1. Finding meaning in varied data

    Jie Song devised a method to combine summarized datasets that group information by incompatible units.

  2. Mars Rover Team tackles major redesign, places in top 10 at competition

    This year’s model, “Phoebe,” received a major design overhaul that gave her a speed boost and new codebase that can be used for years to come.

  3. Hun-Seok Kim receives DARPA Young Faculty Award to advance research in IoT networks

    Kim’s research is expected to impact the future design and wireless operation of the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices

  4. Oil, gas methane emissions 60 percent higher than EPA reports

    Gas leaks estimated to be worth $2 billion could have fueled 10 million homes.

    The post Oil, gas methane emissions 60 percent higher than EPA reports appeared first on Michigan Engineering News.

  5. Q&A with Mingyan Liu

    The incoming electrical and computer engineering chair talks about her vision for the future.

  6. An even smaller world’s smallest ‘computer’

    The latest from IBM and now the University of Michigan is redefining what counts as a computer at the microscale.

  7. Undocumented immigrants’ privacy at risk online, on phones

    When it comes to their smartphones, immigrants struggle to apply instinctive caution, according to a study by a team of University of Michigan researchers.

  8. How to color-code nearly invisible nanoparticles

    With a bit of metal, nanoparticles shine in colors based on size.

  9. Jiyue Zhu awarded Wiesnet Medal for improved snow algorithms

    An award-winning method will help us better understand how much snow is on the ground.

  10. Designing a flexible future for massive data centers

    A new approach recreates the power of a large server by linking up and pooling the resources of smaller computers with fast networking technology.