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  1. Barzan Mozafari receives NSF CAREER Award to improve predictability of database systems

    Prof. Mozafari is passionate about building large-scale data-intensive systems that are more scalable, more robust, and more predictable.

  2. Secure your website now: Let’s Encrypt enters Public Beta

    Let’s Encrypt allows anyone to request a free website security certificate without needing an invitation.

  3. Googling the physical world

    IoT applications are the next wave of computing and the next driving force of the semiconductor industry. The startup PsiKick [now Everactive] is helping shape this future.

  4. Censys enables fast searching of actionable internet data

    The software enables users to ask questions about the hosts and networks that compose the Internet and get an immediate reply.

  5. Bringing Braille back with better display technology

    It’s slow to read computer screens with today’s Braille displays, and the 200-year-old code is declining in use. New technology from Michigan Engineering aims to help bring Braille back.

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  6. Star Wars tech: How far are we? Chewie gets answers

    Chewie talks to experts about spacecraft thrusters, light sabers, droids, carbonite and holograms.

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  7. Researchers Receive NSF/Intel Award to Develop Visual Recognition System for Wearable Devices

    The researchers are finding a solution to implement state-of-the-art vision systems in wearable devices where there is little heat dissipation

  8. First-ever ECE Career Fair builds student careers and alumni connections

    Local companies set up stands in the EECS Atrium to recruit from over 200 graduate and undergraduate students.

  9. Ashraf Dahod: 2015 CoE Alumni Medal Award Winner

    Dahod has combined an understanding of technology with a knack for recognizing market opportunities and built a string of successful technology companies.

  10. Jimmy Hsiao – A local player in a global market

    Jimmy founded Logic Solutions, Inc., a consulting company offering website development, web and mobile applications, and other tech solutions to companies around the world.