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  1. Parinaz Naghizadeh, Researcher in economic network security, is named a Barbour Scholar

    Parinaz’s research is in combining communications with economics to assess the security of a network and then apply that to cyber-insurance contracts.

  2. T-ray converts light to sound for weapons detection, medical imaging

    U-M researchers demonstrated a unique terahertz detector and imaging system that could bridge the terahertz gap.

  3. Making smartphones smarter: hijack adopted for use in commercial product

  4. Leaders in ultra low power cicuits and systems presenting at VLSI Circuits Symposium

    All of the research being presented focuses on getting the absolute best performance from the tiniest circuits, sensors, and electronic devices.

  5. Listening to bipolar disorder: smartphone app detects mood swings via voice analysis

  6. Heartbleed: behind the scenes at CSE

  7. Hao Sun earns 3 Paper Awards for medical imaging research

    Hao’s research is focused on improving the quality of images from magnetic resonance imaging pulse design.

  8. Mai Le receives CoE Distinguished Leadership Award

    Mai has served as Community Service Co-chair of the Graduate Society of Women Engineers since arriving at Michigan in 2011.

  9. Student Spotlight: Mai Le – Finding a better way to diagnose breast cancer with MRI

    The research group is using statistical signal processing to create crisper images with only 20% of the data required by a traditional MRI scan.

  10. Student Spotlight: Nathan Roberts – Enabling the Internet of Things

    Instead of a battery, the chip Nathan is engineering uses two solar cells that look like they belong on a calculator.