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  1. Treating autoimmune disorders with an inhaler, rather than an IV

    Research in mice shows efficacy for multiple sclerosis.

    The post Treating autoimmune disorders with an inhaler, rather than an IV appeared first on Engineering Research News.

  2. Mapping quantum structures with light to unlock their capabilities

    Rather than installing new “2D” semiconductors in devices to see what they can do, this new method puts them through their paces with lasers and light detectors.

  3. Incoming faculty Anhong Guo named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Science

    This distinction recognizes young researchers with exceptional promise who are having an impact on the world.

  4. After five years, Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit based on tech developed at Michigan, has helped to secure the internet

    Today, over 225 million websites are protected by free certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt.

  5. Major side-channel discovery wins NSA contest

    The winning paper broke open a new area of investigation in hardware-based data leaks.

  6. U-M, community partners tackle energy insecurity in three Detroit neighborhoods

    Johanna Mathieu is one of four principal investigators on a project to improve home energy efficiency and to lower monthly utility bills.

  7. Josh Meyer has built the software that your kids and teachers need

    From his days as an online poker playing undergrad to his current role as a technology developer, Josh has discovered a passion – and built a platform – for online learning.

  8. Podcast: Artificial photosynthesis for sustainable solar fuels

    In S1E1, Prof. Zetian Mi talks unlocking quantum properties to close the loop on carbon emissions.

  9. Undergrad game developers sign video game development deal

    This is the first time that a team from EECS 494 has signed a funded publishing deal.

  10. Tool to automate popular security technique earns distinguished paper

    The new technique automatically constructs policies for applications that keep them from compromising other programs.