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  1. Student awarded NSF Fellowship for automating speech-based disease classification

    Perez’s research focuses on analyzing speech patterns of patients with Huntington Disease.

  2. Award for helping popular websites better direct their internet traffic

    Edge Fabric offers providers real-time performance analysis and a way to incorporate this data into routing decisions.

  3. Paper award for identifying speaker characteristics in text messages

    The goal of the work was to identify seven things about who the subject was talking to just by analyzing text messages.

  4. Chowdhury receives VMWare Award to further research on cluster-wide memory efficiency

    Chowdhury’s work has produced important results that can make memory in data centers both cheaper and more efficient.

  5. US, Russia, China race to develop hypersonic weapons

    The U.S. needs to keep up with the progress of other nations in developing hypersonic weapons.

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  6. Army Award to speed up distributed methods over networks

    Danai Koutra has earned an Army Young Investigator Award to speed up graph methods for distributed applications.

  7. New chip stops hacks before they start

    MORPHEUS can encrypt and reshuffle code thousands of times faster than human and electronic hackers.

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  8. A Spotlight on Optics

    The Optics Society at U-M hosted an Industry Spotlight event, which brought academia, industry, and community together to celebrate all things optics and photonics.

  9. Michigan’s new Election Security Commission holds inaugural meeting on U-M Campus

    The meeting began the commission’s review and assessment of election security in Michigan.

  10. Change or be changed

    Written by Colin Barras and Josh Walker In August 2018, technology giant Cisco Systems Inc. announced that it had agreed to pay $2.35 billion for the Ann Arbor-based startup Duo Security. The acquisition was reported to be the biggest of its kind in Michigan history. But even before the announcement, Duo had been breaking state records. […]

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