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  1. Unravelling the mysteries of bacterial communication

    EECS-ECE PhD student Navid Barani received the IEEE APS Doctoral Research Award for his work modeling how bacteria use electromagnetic waves to communicate, which could lead to medical breakthroughs.

  2. Undergrad Michelle Gehner engineers better ways to explore new worlds

    Gehner’s academic career includes advancing power electronics and crafting new extraterrestrial vehicles for MRover. She received the IEEE Power and Energy Society Scholarship for her promising future in power and energy.

  3. 2018 Nobel Prize Laureate Gérard Mourou talks high-intensity optics

    Gérard Mourou, Professor Emeritus of EECS, returned to campus to discuss winning the Nobel Prize and his work in high-intensity optics.

  4. Two solutions for GPU efficiency can boost AI performance

    Chowdhury’s lab multiplied the number of jobs a GPU cluster can finish in a set amount of time

  5. Extreme light: Nobel laureate discusses the past & future of lasers

    Lasers of tomorrow might neutralize nuclear waste, clean up space junk and advance proton therapy to treat cancer, says Gerard Mourou.

  6. New study finds inaccuracies in arsenic test kits in Bangladesh

    About 25 million Bangladeshis face risks of developing skin lesions and cancers due to unsafe levels of arsenic in drinking water.

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  7. A new $1.6M energy project to develop low cost manufacturing of white organic lighting

    Prof. Stephen Forrest is developing an automated high-yield roll-to-roll process to manufacture organic LEDs for lighting.

  8. Election security: Halderman recommends actions to ensure integrity of US systems

    In congressional testimony, professor urges $370M in federal funding to replace outdated machines.

  9. Solar storm congressional testimony: ‘The risk is real’

    Professor Justin Kasper addresses Senate committee on solar threat to power grid.

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  10. Personalized knowledge graphs for faster search and digital assistants

    Graphs that are customized, stored locally, and able to change over time can enable faster and more accurate searching and digital assistants