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Autonomous well monitoring solution recognized with a Best Innovators award
  1. Autonomous well monitoring solution recognized with a Best Innovators award

    The WAND wireless sensor developed in a collaboration between Total, an oil & gas company, and the University of Michigan is revolutionizing well monitoring

  2. The Future of Lasers

    A research profile of Prof. Gérard Mourou and other ECE scientists talks about the future of lasers, from transmuting nuclear waste to shooting space junk.

  3. Urban solar energy: Solar panels for windows hit record 8% efficiency

    Transparent solar panels on windows could take a bite out of a building’s electricity needs.

  4. U-M startup NS Nanotech unveils new generation of LEDs for high-efficiency, high-performance displays

    Brighter, crisper screens that draw half the power and lasts twice as long are possible with NS Nanotech’s next-gen LEDs.

  5. Professors Jay Guo and Zetian Mi awarded MTRAC funding for research in autonomous and green vehicles

    Guo is working to boost the visibility of autonomous cars for improved safety, and Mi is building a prototype solar hydrogen production system that could out-compete electric cars.

  6. Space motor helps make robotic prosthetic leg more comfortable and extends battery life

    Getting rid of some gears enabled a free-swinging knee, regenerative braking and brought the noise level down from vacuum cleaner to fridge.

  7. Improving cancer and disease treatments by understanding electromagnetic communication among biological cells

    Prof. Kamal Sarabandi and ECE PhD student Navid Barani won a best paper award for their research on how biological cells may use electromagnetic signal transmission to communicate.

  8. Ester Bentley receives NDSEG Fellowship to help the world navigate without GPS

    PhD student Ester Bentley designs smaller, better 3D mechanical resonators for use in high-performance gyroscopes to help unmanned systems navigate when GPS signal is jammed or lost.

  9. The Wolverines Behind the Next Generation of Autonomous Vehicles

    The Center for Entrepreneurship profiles a team of EECS students, who are working to develop the next generation of delivery vehicles.

  10. Tracking COVID-19 spread faster, and more accurately

    A new application for an ongoing NSF project could bolster contract tracing efforts.