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Data security for a safer world
  1. Data security for a safer world

    ECE alum Kurt Rohloff helped create one of the world’s best homomorphic encryption software libraries, and he reflects on how his time at Michigan helped shape his career.

  2. Tianlin Wang recognized with Towner Prize and Distinguished Leadership Award

    The College of Engineering honors ECE PhD candidate Tianlin Wang for his excellent research in remote sensing as well as his leadership and service to the community.

  3. Russel Lecture: Fighting climate change with organic electronics

    The researcher-entrepreneur who helped bring OLED displays to the masses envisions a future of efficient lighting and next-gen solar power.

  4. Building CubeSats to test electrodynamic tethering in space with MiTEE

    Mi-TEE (Miniature Tether Electrodynamics Experiment) is a University of Engineering project directed by Prof. Brian Gilchrist that aims to test the tethering technology in space.

  5. David Blaauw named Kensall D. Wise Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Blaauw’s innovations in low-power computing led to development of the Michigan Micro Mote, the world’s smallest computer.

  6. Leung Tsang elected to the National Academy of Engineering

    A professor of electrical engineering and computer science is awarded one of engineering’s top honors.

  7. Automotive research team recognized for research excellence

    The ARC works to solve a broad set of issues pertaining to the modeling and simulation of ground vehicle systems.

  8. Toward a portable concussion detector that relies on an infrared laser

    By looking at tissue oxygen and cell metabolism at the same time, doctors could have a fast and noninvasive way to monitor the health of brain cells.

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  9. A 3D camera for safer autonomy and advanced biomedical imaging

    Researchers demonstrated the use of stacked, transparent graphene photodetectors combined with image processing algorithms to produce 3D images and range detection.

  10. Katie Bouman wows U-M community with insider’s look at the black hole imaging project

    Speaking to a full house in Rackham, Dr. Katie Bouman – Michigan ECE alum – explained the history and science of the project that gave us the first ever photo of a black hole.