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Huanting Huang improves accuracy of remote sensing
  1. Huanting Huang improves accuracy of remote sensing

    Huang won the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics for her work developing better electromagnetic models that calculate microwave interactions with tree and vegetation cover.

  2. Advancing AI for Video: Startup launches powerful video processing platform

    Voxel51 uses AI processing to identify and track objects and activities through video clips.

    The post Advancing AI for Video: Startup launches powerful video processing platform appeared first on Engineering Research News.

  3. New DOE project aims to convert a traditional engine into a hybrid OP engine with the help of control algorithms

    A new project funded by ARPA-E partners Achates Power and the University of Michigan in the development of a novel hybrid electric engine.

  4. Michigan Mars Rover Team has best ever finish at the annual University Rover Challenge

    MRover placed 7th overall at the annual challenge where rovers use AI to navigate tough terrain while collecting soil samples to practice testing for evidence of life in the universe.

  5. Afshari group receives Best Invited Paper award at the 2019 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference

    Terahertz and sub-terahertz imaging can provide superior results in some biomedical imaging, spectroscopy, and water saturation detection.

  6. A high-efficiency GaAs solar cell to power the Internet of Tiny Things

    The Michigan Micro Mote gets a new gallium arsenide solar cell for added power and adaptability.

  7. SLAM-ming good hardware for drone navigation

    Researchers built the first visual SLAM processor on a single chip that provides highly accurate, low-power, and real-time results.

  8. Laura Balzano aims to improve precision medicine as a Fulbright Scholar

    Balzano will work with Portuguese researcher Mário Figueiredo to develop new machine learning methods impacting medical diagnosis and treatment.

  9. Blood biopsy: New technique enables detailed genetic analysis of cancer cells

    Capturing cancer cells from blood samples offers a non-invasive way to observe whether the cancer is disappearing or whether it is becoming resistant to the treatment.

  10. A Spotlight on Optics

    The Optics Society at U-M hosted an Industry Spotlight event, which brought academia, industry, and community together to celebrate all things optics and photonics.