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Bionic heart tissue: U-Michigan part of $20M center
  1. Bionic heart tissue: U-Michigan part of $20M center

    Scar tissue left over from heart attacks creates dead zones that don’t beat. Bioengineered patches could fix that.

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  2. Getting people moving – Walking exoskeletons could mobilize disabled patients

    Prof. Jessy Grizzle has long said that his work in robotics could one day be used to help the disabled. Now he and his group, alongside French company Wandercraft, are working to make that claim a reality in the form of walking exoskeletons.

  3. Latest two-legged walking robot arrives at Michigan

    Built to handle falls, and with two extra motors in each leg, the new robot will help U-M roboticists take independent robotic walking to a whole new level.

  4. BigANT tackles the wave field

    Prof. Shai Revzen’s lab in ECE has developed an inexpensive technique to rapidly fabricate a variety of useful robots.

  5. IGARSS Interactive Symposium Paper Award for modeling the world’s forests

    The paper outlines a better way to quantify forest structure, which has been successful in two tree species.

  6. $7.75M for mapping circuits in the brain

    A new NSF Tech Hub will put tools to rapidly advance our understanding of the brain into the hands of neuroscientists.

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  7. Fred Buhler builds better chips for “Aweslome” applications

    Fred Buhler founded Aweslome to provide custom-build chips for a broad range of applications, including machine learning, neural networks, security, and circuits testing.

  8. Rick Bergman, CEO of Synaptics – giving tech a sense of touch

    ECE alum Rick Bergman, CEO of Synaptics, is working to make tomorrow’s technology user friendly, safe, and reliable. The company hopes to lead what they call “the human interface revolution.”

  9. Student hybrid rocket team takes first place at inaugural competition

    The Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) won the first ever Spaceport America Cup, an intercollegiate rocket engineering competition with over 110 teams from colleges and universities in eleven countries.

  10. A VR-powered crystal structures app (video)

    MHacks winner Duncan Abbot wants his VR software startup, Gwdion, to change how humans interact with technology.