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Battery economics could power the future of energy
  1. Battery economics could power the future of energy

    Prof. Johanna Mathieu of EECS and Prof. Catherine Hausman of Public Policy are heading a new project to explore the social costs and benefits of battery energy storage on the electrical grid.

  2. ECE student Brandon Russell explores space phenomena in a lab

    PhD student Brandon Russell is awarded the Rackham International Student Fellowship for his research on magnetic fields in high-energy plasmas, which could help advance the development of clean energy and our understanding of energetic astrophysical phenomena.

  3. How air conditioners could advance a renewable power grid

    In an approach that won’t disrupt consumers, researchers will tackle two of the biggest issues in the energy industry.

    The post How air conditioners could advance a renewable power grid appeared first on Michigan Engineering News.

  4. More efficient machine vision technology modeled on human vision

    Prof. Robert Dick and advisee Ekdeep Singh Lubana developed a new technique that significantly improves the efficiency of machine vision applications

  5. Johanna Mathieu receives NSF CAREER Award to help build a smarter, more sustainable grid

    Mathieu will develop optimization and control methods to leverage the flexibility available from distributed energy resources.

  6. Time-varying metamaterials for next generation communication, sensing, and defense systems

    With $7.5M MURI grant, Professor Anthony Grbic is developing metamaterials for a new generation of integrated electromagnetic and photonic systems.

  7. Johanna Mathieu receives Ernest and Bettine Kuh Distinguished Faculty Award

    The award recognizes Mathieu’s outstanding teaching, research, and service in the area of power and energy.

  8. Laura Balzano receives ARO Young Investigator Award to improve high-dimensional big data problems

    Applications include managing large networked systems, such as sensor networks, power grids, or computer networks.

  9. Miniature satellites to maximize global communication

    Havel Liu is working on a project to revolutionize satellite systems, improving communications during natural disasters and providing a blueprint for receiving future interplanetary voicemails

  10. Rick Bolander: Entrepreneurship is a team sport

    Rick Bolander (BSE MSE EE ’83 ’85; MBA ’94, Harvard) has devoted his career to fulfilling the entrepreneurial dreams of others as much as his own.