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Eliminating the Tradeoffs Between Farming and Solar Energy Development
  1. Eliminating the Tradeoffs Between Farming and Solar Energy Development

    Testing Semi-Transparent Solar Cell Technology at U-M’s Campus Farm.

  2. Advancing chips for the auto sector is the goal of new Michigan-based initiative

    U-Michigan joins industry, state, education partners to develop talent and technology.

  3. Focused ambitions

    While hunger for an artificial intelligence that can think like a human remains unsated, AI continues to appear in our lives in smaller ways.

    The post Focused ambitions appeared first on Michigan Engineering News.

  4. Johanna Mathieu awarded 2023 IEEE PES Wanda Reder Pioneer in Power Award

    Mathieu is a national leader on research to reduce the environmental impact, cost, and inefficiency of electric power systems.

  5. New undergraduate courses prepare students for the Second Quantum Revolution

    Quantum information science and engineering is one of the hottest fields in engineering – and ECE wants to make it accessible to everyone.

  6. Gregory Robinson details the journey of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope for Gilleo Lectureship

    Under Robinson’s leadership, the James Webb Space Telescope project went from being years behind schedule and billions over-budget to one of NASA’s greatest achievements of the 21st century.

  7. In a new Technical Sales course, students practice the skill set of selling technology to businesses

    Alum Eli Neumann, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Engineers, co-designed the Center for Entrepreneurship course.

  8. Team working to reduce energy burdens in Detroit recognized with Michigan Difference Student Leadership Award

    PhD students Joshua Brooks, Xavier Farrell, and Madeline Miller are part of an NSF Smart and Connected Communities project that partners with local Detroit organizations to reduce household energy insecurity.

  9. Mingyan Liu named Alice L. Hunt Collegiate Professor of Engineering

    Mingyan Liu, renowned for her research specializing in communication networks and cybersecurity, has served as Chair of ECE since 2018. (video of the talk now available)

  10. ECE Expeditions rides to the Lone Star State for a tour of engineering companies

    Students networked with alums, tested demos of new technology, and toured labs at HPE, NASA, Ambiq, Dell, Torc Robotics, and NI.