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$1.1 million grant to develop robot emergency response capabilities
  1. $1.1 million grant to develop robot emergency response capabilities

    Office of Naval Research has awarded Dmitry Berenson, an assistant professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, $1.1 million to help advance emergency response capabilities for robots.

  2. Ushering in the next generation of flat-panel displays and medical imagers

    Prof. Kanicki expects breakthroughs in both the flat-panel display and imager industries using his-ITZO TFT technology in the near future.

  3. Student Arun Nagpal develops new ENG 100 section to spotlight space science

    UM-SEDS co-President Arun Nagpal develops ENG 100 section to expose freshman to space science and atmospheric sensing.

  4. CubeWorks: Solving problems with the world’s smallest and lowest-power computers

    Cubeworks receives its first external funding to manufacture millimeter-scale computing devices

  5. Alum startup wins $25,000 at Accelerate Michigan Competition

    Movellus Circuits won $25,000 in the University Research Highlight and People’s Choice categories

  6. MHacks win propels virtual reality startup named Gwydion, focused on child therapy and 3D gaming

    EE senior Duncan Abbot and his new startup Gwydion want to make VR worth the while. Their early projects range from therapy in children’s hospitals to helping materials scientists study 3D crystals.

  7. The Michigan Probe: Changing the Course of Brain Research

    Some believed early Michigan brain researchers were engaging in “science fiction” – until development of an advanced tool for forging breakthroughs proved them wrong.

    The post The Michigan Probe: Changing the Course of Brain Research appeared first on Michigan Engineering News.

  8. COVE: a tool for advancing progress in computer vision

    Centralizing available data in the intelligent systems community through a COmputer Vision Exchange for Data, Annotations and Tools, called COVE.

  9. Cancer stem cells: new method analyzes 10,000 cells at once

    A new tool for making sense of the cells believed to cause cancer relapses and metastases.

  10. Necmiye Ozay receives NASA Early Career Faculty Award for research in cyber-physical systems

    Prof. Ozay’s award-winning work will be used in future space missions