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ECE alumna Ruba Borno to join Cisco’s new executive team
  1. ECE alumna Ruba Borno to join Cisco’s new executive team

    The young executive has an extensive history in both the business and tech worlds.

  2. The Mad Scientist’s Lab: A look inside Mitch Rohde and Quantum Signal’s school-sized playhouse

    Don’t let the retro arcade games and oscilloscopes fool you – Mitch’s company is as modern as they come.

  3. Silicon valley entrepreneurs help bring WIMS2 technology to the world

    Shahin and Sassan discussed everything from the acquisition trends of small vs. large companies to the importance of building a team with a range of expertise.

  4. Iverson Bell – Researching the future of space satellites

    Mr. Bell is investigating the potential of electrodynamic tether propulsion technology to enhance the capabilities of an emerging class of smartphone-sized satellites.

  5. ‘Space tethers’ can be used to fling spacecraft into interplanetary space

    The tether could be used to deorbit out-of-use spacecraft, push spacecraft from low Earth orbit into higher orbits, or even push spacecraft out of Earth’s orbit altogether.

  6. Thomas Chen earns NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for research in artificial neural networks for computer vision

    Thomas and his group are working to improve upon artificial neural network design through a process called sparse coding.

  7. Stephen Forrest receives 2015 Distinguished University Innovator Award

    Prof. Forrest is widely acknowledged as one of the most successful academic inventors and entrepreneurs today.

  8. Michigan Micro Mote (M3) makes history as the world’s smallest computer

    A brief history of what led to the technical feat known as the Michigan Micro Mote, a tiny speck of a computer that does it all.

  9. Yi-Chin Wu receives ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award for research in network security

    Her dissertation focused on “opacity,” which captures whether a given secret of the system can be inferred by intruders who observe the behavior of the system.

  10. Researchers build groundbreaking device for NASA SMAP mission

    The SMAP mission is NASA’s most ambitious sensing project yet for measuring global soil moisture levels.