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Chris Berry awarded Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
  1. Chris Berry awarded Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship

    Berry is designing an emitter to operate as a light-weight, local oscillator for a terahertz spectroscopy system suitable for use in space.

  2. Toward computers that fit on a pen tip: New technologies usher in the millimeter-scale computing era

    U-M faculty have developed what is believed to be the first complete millimeter-scale computing system, with applications in radio communication and wireless sensing.

  3. Paving the way for ubiquitous computing

    Until now, ubiquitous computing has been hampered by the size of necessary batteries—but Ambiq Micro is changing that, with their energy-efficient micro-controllers.

  4. Ruzbeh Akbar receives NASA Fellowship for SMAP Mission Research

    SMAP is a satellite mission for mapping surface soil moisture and freeze/thaw states for the purpose of scientific advances and societal benefits.

  5. Millimeter-scale, energy-harvesting sensor system developed

    The system could enable new biomedical implants as well as home-, building- and bridge-monitoring devices.

  6. Yong Long receives Best Poster Award for work in medical imaging

    Long’s work describes a new algorithm for performing model-based methods in a way that requires less computation yet provides improved image quality.

  7. Michael Benson receives NASA Fellowship

    For his research, Benson plans to utilize SAR in order to estimate variable vegetated parameters and monitor the planet’s crustal movement.

  8. Eric Tkacyk receives Best Paper Award for research in biomedical optics

    Tkaczyk hopes that his technique will be used to further the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Congratulations!