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$1M NSF grant supports new system for gathering, structuring data with ease
  1. $1M NSF grant supports new system for gathering, structuring data with ease

    The team’s new tool will combine of software and data to make gathering structured data dramatically easier.

  2. Creating more efficient data centers for AI

    Tang’s project will redesign data center systems to support large-scale use of hardware accelerators to meet future computational demand.

  3. New browser strategy game has players tackle real-life bat catastrophe

    As a fungal infection ravages bat populations, the new game hopes to promote public awareness of ongoing research to combat the issue.

  4. “Mind reading” study looks inside coders’ brains

    Using real-time fMRI readings, researchers linked spatial reasoning with CS problem solving.

  5. Automated tool optimizes complex programs better than humans

    Erie provided database repairs that were previously performed exclusively by human programmers.

  6. CAREER Award for deeper insights into interconnected data: from neurons to web searches

    Danai Koutra earned the award for her proposal to innovate the way we use networks to understand the world and speed up our technology.

  7. Student awarded NSF Fellowship for automating speech-based disease classification

    Perez’s research focuses on analyzing speech patterns of patients with Huntington Disease.

  8. Paper award for identifying speaker characteristics in text messages

    The goal of the work was to identify seven things about who the subject was talking to just by analyzing text messages.

  9. Two solutions for GPU efficiency can boost AI performance

    Chowdhury’s lab multiplied the number of jobs a GPU cluster can finish in a set amount of time

  10. Personalized knowledge graphs for faster search and digital assistants

    Graphs that are customized, stored locally, and able to change over time can enable faster and more accurate searching and digital assistants