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Lu Wang earns CAREER Award to summarize long text with machine learning
  1. Lu Wang earns CAREER Award to summarize long text with machine learning

    Wang hopes that, by summarizing longer documents, she can make a new class of information more accessible to a variety of audiences.

  2. Qi Zhang selected as first recipient of David J. Kuck Dissertation Prize

    His work is in the area of coordinating systems of autonomous agents that operate in uncertain, dynamic environments.

  3. Seven papers by CSE researchers presented at AAAI 2021

    Twelve students and faculty co-authored papers spanning several key application areas for AI.

  4. Zeyu Zheng selected for JP Morgan PhD Fellowship

    His work on reinforcement learning is aimed at accelerating the training of RL agents.

  5. Incoming faculty Anhong Guo named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Science

    This distinction recognizes young researchers with exceptional promise who are having an impact on the world.

  6. Student NASA award supports work on more dexterous, collaborative space robots

    PhD student Emily Sheetz is working to design more dexterous robots to work alongside humans in space.

  7. New research teaches AI how people move with internet videos

    The project enables neural networks to model how people are positioned based on only partial views of their bodies, like perspective shots in instructional videos or vlogs.

  8. $1.8M DARPA project aims to protect cars, trucks and spacecraft from hackers

    Ironpatch could head off growing danger of security vulnerabilities in vehicle systems.

  9. Prof. Danai Koutra recognized as rising star with ACM SIGKDD Award

    The Rising Star Award is based on an individual’s whole body of work in the first five years after the PhD.

  10. Baris Kasikci earns CAREER Award to automatically improve software quality with data from everyday program use

    Kasikci will sift through the byproducts of hundreds of millions of common program executions to determine how this data can automate some key steps in bug finding and fixing.