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Photosynthesis copycat may improve solar cells
  1. Photosynthesis copycat may improve solar cells

    The new approach moves energy efficiently and could reduce energy losses converting light into electricity.

  2. Toward manufacturing semitransparent solar cells the size of windows

    A peel-off patterning technique could enable more fragile organic semiconductors to be manufactured into semitransparent solar panels at scale.

  3. Task Force report on grid stability concepts receives IEEE PES Prize Paper Award

    The rapid growth of renewable energy led to an international task force to study its impact on the stability of worldwide power systems.

  4. Solar-powered chemistry uses carbon dioxide and water to make feedstock for fuels, chemicals

    Producing synthesis gas, a precursor of a variety of fuels and chemicals, no longer requires natural gas, coal or biomass.

  5. Alireza Ramyar awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for his research on power processing architectures for improved sustainability

    Ramyar’s research focuses on how power and energy can be transformed, extracted from clean power generation, and stored effectively and sustainably.

  6. Anna Stuhlmacher awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for her research that could help integrate renewable energy sources into the power grid

    Stuhlmacher is working to optimize the interaction between the power distribution network and the drinking water distribution network to improve the sustainability, flexibility, and resiliency of both systems.

  7. Al-Thaddeus Avestruz receives CAREER Award to advance sustainable energy storage

    Using retired electric vehicle batteries, the project plans to enable widespread and equitable access to sustainable power and energy through sustainable energy storage.

  8. Optimizing the interactions between critical infrastructure systems for better flexibility, sustainability, and resiliency

    PhD student Anna Stuhlmacher researches how the water distribution network can better provide services to the power network, which can allow for greater integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, reduce costs, and improve system resiliency.

  9. New collaborative project for advancing energy justice in Detroit

    In partnership with Detroit-based community organizations, Prof. Johanna Mathieu co-leads a team of researchers working to reduce disparities in household energy insecurity for low and moderate income households.

  10. $1.8M to develop room temperature, controllable quantum nanomaterials

    The project could pave the way for compact quantum computing and communications as well as efficient UV lamps for sterilization and air purification.