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ECE Expeditions rides to the Lone Star State for a tour of engineering companies
  1. ECE Expeditions rides to the Lone Star State for a tour of engineering companies

    Students networked with alums, tested demos of new technology, and toured labs at HPE, NASA, Ambiq, Dell, Torc Robotics, and NI.

  2. Vikram Verma talks the value of engineering and leadership to society as the 2022 ECE Alumni Impact Award winner

    Verma credits his distinguished 30-year executive career with leading technology companies, including Savi Technology, Lockheed Martin and 8×8 Inc., to a combination of education, leadership, and luck.

  3. ECE at the center of Celebrate Invention: 2022

    Wei Lu talked about his innovations as the 2022 Distinguished University Innovator, followed by a panel discussion about the University’s role in fueling new high tech companies in the area.

  4. ECE alum Mihir Sheth receives Young Innovator Award from Innovate UK for making a medical device that weans patients off ventilators quicker

    Sheth is the co-founder of Inspiritus Health and has developed a simple to use, non-invasive medical device that keeps patients’ muscles engaged when they are on a ventilator to prevent muscle atrophy.

  5. Michigan startup MemryX, Inc. promises faster, cheaper AI processing

    The ECE startup builds neuromorphic computer chips uniquely suitable for AI applications

  6. With Slide, student entrepreneurs aim to make contact sharing frictionless

    Built by students and funded by student VCs, the venture marks a new model for launching ideas into ventures.

  7. Amulya Parmar: One conversation can change everything

    Amulya Parmar started his first company at 15, and is committed to positive impact in all of his endeavors.

  8. U-M startup SkyGig aims to take 5G to the next level

    With new funding in the company, the hardtech startup is bringing revolutionary technologies to reshape mmWave wireless.

  9. U-M startup NS Nanotech unveils new generation of LEDs for high-efficiency, high-performance displays

    Brighter, crisper screens that draw half the power and lasts twice as long are possible with NS Nanotech’s next-gen LEDs.

  10. The Wolverines Behind the Next Generation of Autonomous Vehicles

    The Center for Entrepreneurship profiles a team of EECS students, who are working to develop the next generation of delivery vehicles.