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Designing Synthetic Human Gut Microbiome with AI
  1. Designing Synthetic Human Gut Microbiome with AI

    Prof. Al Hero was interviewed and gave a presentation about his research using machine learning to improve our understanding of the human gut

  2. Machine learning begins to understand the human gut

    The new computer model accurately predicts the behavior of millions of microbial communities from hundreds of experiments, an advance toward precision medicine.

  3. Teaching Machine Learning in ECE

    With new courses at the UG and graduate level, ECE is delivering state-of-the-art instruction in machine learning for students in ECE, and across the University

  4. Immune to hacks: Inoculating deep neural networks to thwart attacks

    The adaptive immune system serves as a template for defending neural nets from confusion-sowing attacks

  5. Qing Qu receives CAREER award to explore the foundations of machine learning and data science

    His research develops computational methods for learning succinct representations from high-dimensional data.

  6. Hun-Seok Kim receives CAREER Award to facilitate Internet of Things connectivity

    Kim takes an interdisciplinary approach to tackle challenges in heterogeneous classes of energy-efficient and versatile communication systems.

  7. Machine Learning and Systems: A conversation with 2020 Field Award winners Al Hero and Anders Lindquist

    Hero and Lindquist took a few minutes to talk about the impact of machine learning on Signal Processing and Control Systems, and what they plan to do about it

  8. Mingyan Liu, 2018 Distinguished University Innovator, talks about her company and data science commercialization

    Mingyan Liu, recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Innovator of the Year award, gave a talk about her startup company and participated on a panel discussing data science commercialiation.

  9. $1.6M toward artificial intelligence for data science

    DARPA is trying to build a system that can turn large data sets into models that can make predictions, and U-M is in on the project.

  10. Mingyan Liu: Confessions of a pseudo data scientist

    Liu’s most recent research involves online learning, modeling of large-scale internet measurement data, and incentive mechanisms for security games.