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Vikram Verma talks the value of engineering and leadership to society as the 2022 ECE Alumni Impact Award winner
  1. Vikram Verma talks the value of engineering and leadership to society as the 2022 ECE Alumni Impact Award winner

    Verma credits his distinguished 30-year executive career with leading technology companies, including Savi Technology, Lockheed Martin and 8×8 Inc., to a combination of education, leadership, and luck.

  2. Designing large neural codes for the next generation of communication systems

    PhD candidate Mohammad Vahid Jamali won a Best Paper award at IEEE ICC for his work on Product AutoEncoders, which could help shape future generations of wireless networks, IoT, and autonomous systems.

  3. Thomas Ryan awarded SMART Scholarship to support his studies on defense technologies

    Ryan is an electrical engineering undergrad interested in military systems and devices.

  4. Al-Thaddeus Avestruz receives CAREER Award to advance sustainable energy storage

    Using retired electric vehicle batteries, the project plans to enable widespread and equitable access to sustainable power and energy through sustainable energy storage.

  5. Batteryless next-generation cellular devices could empower a more sustainable future

    PhD student Trevor Odelberg is looking to enable long range, highly reliable, and low-power cellular IoT devices that one day can run entirely on harvested energy, reducing battery waste and empowering devices to last for decades.

  6. Snails carrying the world’s smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery

    The study yields new insights into the survival of a native snail important to Tahitian culture and ecology and to biologists studying evolution, while proving the viability of similar studies of very small animals including insects

  7. “Ultra low-power receivers for IoT applications” wins Outstanding Invited Paper

    Prof. David Wentzloff’s paper examining the trends and techniques to achieve ultra-low power receivers was honored by the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference

  8. Hun-Seok Kim receives CAREER Award to facilitate Internet of Things connectivity

    Kim takes an interdisciplinary approach to tackle challenges in heterogeneous classes of energy-efficient and versatile communication systems.

  9. Channel Coding for Next Generation 5G and Beyond

    With the help of two NSF awards totaling $1.7m, Prof. Hessam Mahdavifar is tackling new problems to improve the reliability of communication systems for 5G and beyond.

  10. A high-efficiency GaAs solar cell to power the Internet of Tiny Things

    The Michigan Micro Mote gets a new gallium arsenide solar cell for added power and adaptability.