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A smarter way to make ultraviolet light beams
  1. A smarter way to make ultraviolet light beams

    The researchers have optimized an optical resonator to take an infrared signal from relatively cheap telecommunication-compatible lasers and boost it to an ultraviolet beam.

  2. Safer medical imaging with microwaves

    The goal of the research is to develop an alternative method to x-ray imaging that is safer and uses nothing stronger than radio frequency waves.

  3. Yong Long receives Best Poster Award for work in medical imaging

    Long’s work describes a new algorithm for performing model-based methods in a way that requires less computation yet provides improved image quality.

  4. Eric Tkacyk receives Best Paper Award for research in biomedical optics

    Tkaczyk hopes that his technique will be used to further the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Congratulations!