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Snails carrying the world’s smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery
  1. Snails carrying the world’s smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery

    The study yields new insights into the survival of a native snail important to Tahitian culture and ecology and to biologists studying evolution, while proving the viability of similar studies of very small animals including insects

  2. Tracking Monarch Butterfly Migration with the World’s Smallest Computer

    In a project funded by National Geographic, ECE researchers are teaming up with the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology to advance our understanding of monarch butterfly migration with the most ambitious iteration of the Michigan Micro Mote yet.

  3. David Blaauw named Kensall D. Wise Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Blaauw’s innovations in low-power computing led to development of the Michigan Micro Mote, the world’s smallest computer.

  4. Two ‘U’ researchers receive Distinguished University Innovator Award

    The Michigan Daily profiles Professors David Blaauw and Dennis Sylvester, who are this year’s recipients of the 2019 Distinguished University Innovator Award.

  5. A high-efficiency GaAs solar cell to power the Internet of Tiny Things

    The Michigan Micro Mote gets a new gallium arsenide solar cell for added power and adaptability.

  6. Communicating with the world’s smallest computers

    Researchers built the first millimeter-scale transmitter and antenna that can talk Bluetooth Low Energy with ease.

  7. An even smaller world’s smallest ‘computer’

    The latest from IBM and now the University of Michigan is redefining what counts as a computer at the microscale.

  8. Seed-sized U-M computers pumped into oil wells featured at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

    Millimeter-sized computers log the temperature and pressure from deep within oil wells.

  9. Michigan’s millimeter-scale computers featured at ISSCC2017, and in IEEE Spectrum

    Professors Blaauw and Sylvester showcase capabilities of tiny computing

  10. Alum startup wins $25,000 at Accelerate Michigan Competition

    Movellus Circuits won $25,000 in the University Research Highlight and People’s Choice categories