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A shoe-box-sized chemical detector
  1. A shoe-box-sized chemical detector

    Powered by a broadband infrared laser, the device can zero in on the ‘spectral fingerprint region’.

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  2. New funding for high-fidelity nerve mapping research

    SPARC awarded $1M to a U-M project developing better nerve mapping.

  3. Student’s digital art makes the Cube even more interactive

    Keenan Rebara hopes to add to the fun of spinning the Cube using his a bit of physics and sensors.

  4. IGARSS Interactive Symposium Paper Award for modeling the world’s forests

    The paper outlines a better way to quantify forest structure, which has been successful in two tree species.

  5. $7.75M for mapping circuits in the brain

    A new NSF Tech Hub will put tools to rapidly advance our understanding of the brain into the hands of neuroscientists.

    The post $7.75M for mapping circuits in the brain appeared first on Michigan Engineering News.

  6. Rick Bergman, CEO of Synaptics – giving tech a sense of touch

    ECE alum Rick Bergman, CEO of Synaptics, is working to make tomorrow’s technology user friendly, safe, and reliable. The company hopes to lead what they call “the human interface revolution.”

  7. Behzad Yektakhah earns paper award for research in seeing through walls

    Yektakhah’s system improves on the speed, portability, and accuracy of many commercial models

  8. Michigan’s millimeter-scale computers featured at ISSCC2017, and in IEEE Spectrum

    Professors Blaauw and Sylvester showcase capabilities of tiny computing

  9. Sensors from head to toe – Todd Coleman makes measuring health simpler

    Prof. Todd Coleman’s group is tackling the challenging problem of getting high-fidelity monitoring to work affordably at home.

  10. Kamal Sarabandi elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

    The AAAS seeks to advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people.