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U-M, Schmidt Futures to partner on new AI research program
  1. U-M, Schmidt Futures to partner on new AI research program

    $10M will fund training for 60 postdoctoral fellows as part of international cohort.

  2. Decisive differences in healthcare AI

    When decisions about your healthcare are informed by AI, bias in machine learning can have dire consequences. Ph.D. student Trenton Chang researches how inequities in healthcare delivery impact machine learning and AI.

  3. Six new projects funded by LG AI Research  

    The projects are a part of LG’s mission to advance AI such as Deep Reinforcement Learning, 3D Scene Understanding, and Reasoning with a Large-scale Language Model and Bias & Fairness related to AI ethics.

  4. U-M team reaches next phase of Amazon Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge

    Team SEAGULL, led by doctoral student Yichi Zhang and advised by Prof. Joyce Chai, strives to develop embodied AI agents capable of attending to users’ needs, following natural language instructions, collaborating, and continuously improving through interaction.

  5. Prof. Xinyu Wang collaborates with UiPath to democratize automation

    The two will collaborate on building new programming techniques that are accessible to non-experts and non-programmers.

  6. U-M spin-off Agita Labs releases always encrypted computing product

    TrustForge, based on U-M research spearheaded by Austin and Bertacco, provides users with the ability to protect data using a process called sequestered encryption

  7. Natural Language Processing at Michigan Research Day

    The meetup was intended to foster connections between researchers across campus with an interest in the development and application of NLP.

  8. Atkins chairs National Academies report on speeding discovery with automated research workflows

    Prof. Emeritus Daniel Atkins III chaired and Prof. Al Hero served on a National Academies committee that published a new report describing the impact of artificial intelligence and automated research workflow technologies in propelling research and scientific discovery.

  9. Kang G. Shin recognized with Distinguished Leadership Award by IEEE Computer Society Technical & Conference Activities Board

    His work in the area of real-time computing has spanned decades and has had impact in a broad range of applications.

  10. LG AI Research opens North American Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Ann Arbor with strong ties to U-M

    The LG AI Research Center, and its partnership with U-M, represents a commitment by LG to become a leader in developing advanced AI technologies.