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Explore Michigan Engineering Majors

Your career is a lifelong learning process that goes well beyond a paycheck. Seek out a major that aligns with your interests and values through one of our engineering programs.

What can you do with an Engineering Degree?

Grads from each engineering discipline find employment in nearly every career field and industry. The data visualized here represents alumni reported career fields cross-referenced with their College of Engineering majors from 2012 – 2019.

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Investigate our majors

  • Robotics Tile


  • Two male researchers discuss their project outside on a sunny day while working on their laptops

    Data Science

  • A student spins the bottom level of a giant Rubik's Cube

    Mechanical Engineering

  • A complicated circuitboard rests against a granola bar with "Strong" written on it.

    Computer Engineering

  • Two students in scuba gear hold a large maize and blue human powered submarine in a teal pool

    Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

  • The reflection of a student in a side mirror of a car with the the outline of a car's speed dial in the background

    Industrial & Operations Engineering

  • A woman working on electric machinery with a green glow

    Electrical Engineering

  • An experiment for developing better interplanetary transport glows blue and purple in a metal thruster discharge chamber

    Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

  • A hammer strikes a red-hot metal that glints with light

    Materials Science & Engineering

  • A bright light in the center encircled by a vibrant ring of purple with the shadows of people in the background.

    Engineering Physics

  • A video-game-esque rainbow outline of a room on a laptop screen

    Computer Science

  • A plethora of colorful stop, speed limit, and other street signs lay against a chicken-wire fence

    Civil Engineering

  • A professor pours a liquid from a brown glass bottle onto a growing plant in a farmer's field

    Environmental Engineering

  • A shining white beaker containing a fleshy tumor being held up by a pair of silver tweezers in a blue-gloved hand

    Biomedical Engineering

  • A smiling female student points to a wall map lit up in bright yellow, orange, and fushia

    Climate & Meteorology

  • A blood sample flows through a small maze-like "labyrinth" device designed to used to help better detect cancer cells.

    Chemical Engineering

  • One staff member helps another adjust a telescope overlooking a bright blue sky and a big white air balloon.

    Aerospace Engineering

  • The view of the laboratory room is warped in a convex optical lens

    Space Sciences & Engineering

The Michigan Engineering Difference

We don’t just educate stellar engineers: we educate brilliant minds to recognize that in your brilliance, you have a responsibility to your fellow humans and to our Earth. With a well-rounded education on a diverse campus, you don’t just learn about math and science- you learn about people and cultures and how collaboration can create unprecedented works of ingenuity.

  • Nationally ranked


    Female Leadership

  • Committed to Carbon Neutrality


    annually in groundbreaking research

We are, first and foremost, human.

We are not just highly skilled engineers.