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Thatchaphol Saranurak recognized with 2023 Presburger Award
  1. Thatchaphol Saranurak recognized with 2023 Presburger Award

    The award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a young scientist in the field of theoretical computer science.

  2. Major breakthrough in dynamic graph algorithms earns Best Paper

    Thatchaphol Saranurak and collaborators were recognized at SODA ’23 for their work that broke an approximation barrier in dynamic graph matching.

  3. Using negative probability for quantum solutions

    Probabilities with a negative sign have been of great use in quantum physics.

  4. Google Award to make widely used software testing technique more effective

    Baris Kasikci plans to improve software fuzzers by learning how deployed software is most commonly run by users.

  5. Solution for restoring faulty graphs earns best paper award

    Prof. Greg Bodwin has devised a solution to an important open question in graph theory that offers promising new options for repairing and constructing resilient networks.

  6. Postdoc Leqi Zhu wins PODC Dissertation Award

    The thesis completely solves a longstanding open problem in the theory of distributed computing.

  7. Tim Dunn selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

    Through his work, Tim hopes to dramatically accelerate genomic sequencing analysis, enabling the use of handheld genomic sequencers to produce actionable diagnostic data within minutes.

  8. New database sheds light on Michigan’s videogame boom

    The Michigan Game Studios database, developed by lecturer Austin Yarger, helps organize the state’s rapidly growing scene.

  9. Building a testing-free future

    How automated guarantees that our most complex programs are secure and trustworthy can save us time, money, and anxiety.

  10. Tool to automate popular security technique earns distinguished paper

    The new technique automatically constructs policies for applications that keep them from compromising other programs.