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Memory-processing unit (MPU) could bring memristors to the masses
  1. Memory-processing unit (MPU) could bring memristors to the masses

    AI, weather forecasting and data science would all benefit from computers that store and process data in the same place. Memristors could be up to the task.

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  2. Beyond Moore’s law: $16.7M for advanced computing projects

    DARPA’s initiative to reinvigorate the microelectronics industry draws deeply on Michigan Engineering expertise.

  3. Michigan chips will be first to test next-generation hardware design tools

    U-M team will serve as model for nimble and innovative system-on-chip design.

  4. Student org brings investors to Michigan

    UpRound works with national and local firms to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region.

  5. Making education accessible in rural India

    Through EduTech, CS student Divyansh Sharma is working to deliver free video courses directly to Indian people in need of basic education.

  6. Tool for structuring data creates efficiency for data scientists

    Foofah is a tool that can help to minimize the effort and required background knowledge needed to clean up data.

  7. Prof. Jason Corso on artificial intelligence

    The most exciting use of AI for me focuses around a better collective use of our available resources, says Corso.

  8. Finding meaning in varied data

    Jie Song devised a method to combine summarized datasets that group information by incompatible units.

  9. Mars Rover Team tackles major redesign, places in top 10 at competition

    This year’s model, “Phoebe,” received a major design overhaul that gave her a speed boost and new codebase that can be used for years to come.