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Wakefield and Kieras win Best Paper Award at ICAD 2014
  1. Wakefield and Kieras win Best Paper Award at ICAD 2014

    The paper addresses how to manage multiple sources so that the user can maximize the information gained from each acoustic source.

  2. Making smartphones smarter: hijack adopted for use in commercial product

  3. Leaders in ultra low power cicuits and systems presenting at VLSI Circuits Symposium

    All of the research being presented focuses on getting the absolute best performance from the tiniest circuits, sensors, and electronic devices.

  4. Listening to bipolar disorder: smartphone app detects mood swings via voice analysis

  5. Heartbleed: behind the scenes at CSE

  6. Karem Sakallah Continues Commitment to Qatar Computing Research Institute

  7. Security risks found in sensors for heart devices, consumer electronics

  8. Researchers funded to develop a leap forward in Processor Architectures

    The project proposes to produce a parallel heterogeneous 3D near-threshold computing system with unprecedented energy efficiency.

  9. Students compete to create game-playing bots in weekend programming contest

  10. Todd Austin and colleague author new edition of book on structured computer organization