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Alumnus Yi-Jun Chang Wins PODC Dissertation Award
  1. Alumnus Yi-Jun Chang Wins PODC Dissertation Award

    His work is in complexity theory of distributed computing.

  2. Prof. Danai Koutra recognized as rising star with ACM SIGKDD Award

    The Rising Star Award is based on an individual’s whole body of work in the first five years after the PhD.

  3. NIST finalists for post-quantum security standards include research results developed by Prof. Chris Peikert

    A new secure code is needed to protect private information from the power of quantum computing.

  4. Hunger and COVID: Fighting pandemic-related food insecurity in Detroit

    Public policy and engineering team up to improve food access.

  5. New method ensures complex programs are bug-free without testing

    The system targets software that runs using concurrent execution, a widespread method for boosting performance, and proves whether a program will output what it’s supposed to.

  6. Get to know: Xinyu Wang

    “My research has the potential to democratize programming and make it possible for millions of people around the globe to automate otherwise tedious tasks using programming.”

  7. How predictive modeling could help us reopen more safely

    Graphical online simulation could spur more targeted COVID-19 protection measures.

  8. Research team takes on food insecurity in Detroit in the face of coronavirus limitations

    Researchers are working with the city on two key initiatives to address food availability for elderly and low-income populations.

  9. Building better coronavirus databases with automatic quality checks

    The team will build high-quality datasets to enable automatic quality checking and fraud detection of the new coronavirus data.

  10. Undergraduate research on speeding up data centers earns ACM first prize

    The student’s project targets critical moments where the next instruction in a program is only available in a slower type of memory.