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Three teams of graduate students awarded prizes for their final projects in Image Processing (EECS 556)
  1. Three teams of graduate students awarded prizes for their final projects in Image Processing (EECS 556)

    KLA sponsored prizes for three outstanding projects focused on improving image processing for neurosurgery and satellite applications and MRI reconstruction techniques.

  2. 3D motion tracking system could streamline vision for autonomous tech

    Transparent optical sensor arrays combine with a specialized neural network in new University of Michigan prototype

  3. Research to improve medical imaging of the brain receives Magna cum Laude Merit award

    The interdisciplinary team was able to dramatically speed up the process while potentially doubling the quality of the image

  4. Magna cum Laude Merit Award for research to detect the progress of diseases such as multiple sclerosis

    The researchers’ imaging technique is fast, accurate, and reproducible

  5. Melissa Haskell receives NIH Fellowship for research to improve brain imaging

    ECE postdoc Melissa Haskell works on improving functional magnetic resonance imaging so we can better measure and understand brain activity.

  6. A 3D camera for safer autonomy and advanced biomedical imaging

    Researchers demonstrated the use of stacked, transparent graphene photodetectors combined with image processing algorithms to produce 3D images and range detection.

  7. Kirigami can spin terahertz rays in real time to peer into biological tissue

    The rays used by airport scanners might have a future in medical imaging.

  8. Afshari group receives Best Invited Paper award at the 2019 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference

    Terahertz and sub-terahertz imaging can provide superior results in some biomedical imaging, spectroscopy, and water saturation detection.

  9. Time-varying metamaterials for next generation communication, sensing, and defense systems

    With $7.5M MURI grant, Professor Anthony Grbic is developing metamaterials for a new generation of integrated electromagnetic and photonic systems.

  10. Students win prizes for improving image processing techniques for liver cancer detection and much more

    Students in EECS 556: Image Processing, explore methods to improve image processing in applications such as biomedical imaging and video and image compression