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Jesse Codling wins Best Presentation award for sensors that help protect these little piggies in their pens
  1. Jesse Codling wins Best Presentation award for sensors that help protect these little piggies in their pens

    Known affectionately as “The Sh*tty Project,” Codling, an ECE PhD student, monitors the vibrations in pig pens to track the health of the piglets and predict when they’re in danger.

  2. Three ECE students awarded Rackham fellowships

    Cheng-Hsun Lu,
    Shih-Chi Liao, and Jiale Zhang have been awarded the Rackham International Students Fellowship/Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship.

  3. New understanding of neurons in the hippocampus: they’re all the same

    A longstanding collaboration between engineers and neuroscientists leads to new insights into how neurons work in the hippocampus.

  4. Three members of ECE will represent U-M at the 2021 Rising Stars in EECS Workshop

    PhD students Sijia Geng, Bahareh Hadidian, and Nasimeh Heydaribeni will participate in the intensive workshop that brings together outstanding women and gender minorities interested in pursuing academic careers in EECS.

  5. $1.8M to develop room temperature, controllable quantum nanomaterials

    The project could pave the way for compact quantum computing and communications as well as efficient UV lamps for sterilization and air purification.

  6. Anthony England, former NASA astronaut, professor, and dean, retires

    England has dedicated more than two decades of his distinguished career helping students reach for the stars to understand more about Earth and other planets.

  7. Fawwaz Ulaby retires after nearly four decades of championing students and excelling at research and leadership

    Students say Ulaby, a member of the National Academy of Engineering and recipient of the Edison Medal, is one of the best professors – and people – they’ve ever known.

  8. Using remote sensing to track microplastics in the ocean

    Electrical Engineering undergrad Madeline Evans is a key researcher on a project that uses NASA’s Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System to monitor microplastic pollution that harms marine ecosystems.

  9. Snails carrying the world’s smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery

    The study yields new insights into the survival of a native snail important to Tahitian culture and ecology and to biologists studying evolution, while proving the viability of similar studies of very small animals including insects

  10. Prof. Pei Zhang solemnly swears that he’s up to some good

    In a project he calls the “Marauder’s Map,” Prof. Zhang uses machine learning-based data models, physics models, and heuristic models to turn physical structures into sensing devices.