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Undergrad Michelle Gehner engineers better ways to explore new worlds
  1. Undergrad Michelle Gehner engineers better ways to explore new worlds

    Gehner’s academic career includes advancing power electronics and crafting new extraterrestrial vehicles for MRover. She received the IEEE Power and Energy Society Scholarship for her promising future in power and energy.

  2. 2018 Nobel Prize Laureate Gérard Mourou talks high-intensity optics

    Gérard Mourou, Professor Emeritus of EECS, returned to campus to discuss winning the Nobel Prize and his work in high-intensity optics.

  3. Extreme light: Nobel laureate discusses the past & future of lasers

    Lasers of tomorrow might neutralize nuclear waste, clean up space junk and advance proton therapy to treat cancer, says Gerard Mourou.

  4. ECE student Brandon Russell explores space phenomena in a lab

    PhD student Brandon Russell is awarded the Rackham International Student Fellowship for his research on magnetic fields in high-energy plasmas, which could help advance the development of clean energy and our understanding of energetic astrophysical phenomena.

  5. Miniature satellites to maximize global communication

    Havel Liu is working on a project to revolutionize satellite systems, improving communications during natural disasters and providing a blueprint for receiving future interplanetary voicemails

  6. Deciphering GPS satellites to see inside hurricanes

    To dial in on exact wind speeds, researchers needed to reverse engineering the signals from satellites.

  7. Mars Rover Team tackles major redesign, places in top 10 at competition

    This year’s model, “Phoebe,” received a major design overhaul that gave her a speed boost and new codebase that can be used for years to come.

  8. Huanting Huang and the mathematical shape of trees

    An award-winning modeling method will help us better understand our natural environment

  9. SMAP Update: A mission to manage water globally

    The satellite mission to collect global data of surface soil moisture can help weather forecasting around the world.

  10. Louise Willingale advancing scientific knowledge of plasmas

    Using some of the best lasers in the world, Willingale is shedding light on the impact of solar events on Earth.