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Student works on a NASA quantum satellite link
  1. Student works on a NASA quantum satellite link

    ECE master’s student Conner Stevons completed a remote internship at the NASA Glenn Research Center where he worked on Marconi 2.0, NASA’s plan to bridge quantum technology with a telecommunications system.

  2. The Future of Lasers

    Story by Colin Barras

    The post The Future of Lasers appeared first on Michigan Engineering News.

  3. Building CubeSats to test electrodynamic tethering in space with MiTEE

    Mi-TEE (Miniature Tether Electrodynamics Experiment) is a University of Engineering project directed by Prof. Brian Gilchrist that aims to test the tethering technology in space.

  4. Leung Tsang elected to the National Academy of Engineering

    A professor of electrical engineering and computer science is awarded one of engineering’s top honors.

  5. Katie Bouman wows U-M community with insider’s look at the black hole imaging project

    Speaking to a full house in Rackham, Dr. Katie Bouman – Michigan ECE alum – explained the history and science of the project that gave us the first ever photo of a black hole.

  6. U-M to become Mount Olympus with ZEUS, the most powerful laser to be built in the U.S.

    The three-petawatt system could unlock secrets of the universe, advance cancer treatments, improve security screenings for nuclear threats, and much more.

  7. Prof. Kamal Sarabandi welcomes Emperor and Empress of Japan at IGARSS 2019

    Predicting future disasters is an important goal of those participating in the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium

  8. Beyond Apollo 11: U-M ECE’s role in advancing space exploration

    For the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, U-M ECE takes a look back – and a look forward – to how our professors, students, and alums have made their mark on the field.

  9. Prof. Louise Willingale creates extreme plasma conditions using high-intensity laser pulses

    Willingale’s research in plasma physics advances many research areas from spectacular astrophysical phenomena to cancer treatment to fusion power.

  10. Michigan Mars Rover Team has best ever finish at the annual University Rover Challenge

    MRover placed 7th overall at the annual challenge where rovers use AI to navigate tough terrain while collecting soil samples to practice testing for evidence of life in the universe.