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The Wolverines Behind the Next Generation of Autonomous Vehicles
  1. The Wolverines Behind the Next Generation of Autonomous Vehicles

    The Center for Entrepreneurship profiles a team of EECS students, who are working to develop the next generation of delivery vehicles.

  2. Technology that serves all: a single step could pave the way

    A Q&A with Chad Jenkins.

  3. Model helps robots think more like humans when searching for objects

    The model is a practical method for robots to look for target items in complex, realistic environments.

  4. AI-powered interviewer provides guided reflection exercises during COVID-19 pandemic

    The virtual interviewer uses therapeutic writing techniques to help users cope with difficult situations.

  5. Research on human biases in AI learning earns best student paper award

    The project, which received a best paper award, demonstrated that a certain bias in humans who train intelligent agents significantly reduced the effectiveness of the training.

  6. Faster than COVID: a computer model that predicts the disease’s next move

    Predictive model could help care providers stay safe, anticipate patient needs.

  7. Faculty Profile: Emily Mower Provost

    Mower Provost talks about getting awards, doing industry research, understanding human behavior – and Star Wars.

  8. Computer scientists employ AI to help address COVID-19 challenges

    Five multidisciplinary research teams are working on projects to assist with the coronavirus outbreak and to help find solutions to pressing problems.

  9. Emily Mower Provost named Toyota Faculty Scholar

    Her work uses machine learning to measure mood, emotion, and other aspects of human behavior for purposes of providing early or real-time interventions for people in managing their health.

  10. CSE researchers present 9 papers at leading AI conference

    The students and faculty submitted projects spanning several key application areas for AI.