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  1. A new $1.6M energy project to develop low cost manufacturing of white organic lighting

    Prof. Stephen Forrest is developing an automated high-yield roll-to-roll process to manufacture organic LEDs for lighting.

  2. Election security: Halderman recommends actions to ensure integrity of US systems

    In congressional testimony, professor urges $370M in federal funding to replace outdated machines.

  3. Solar storm congressional testimony: ‘The risk is real’

    Professor Justin Kasper addresses Senate committee on solar threat to power grid.

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  4. Personalized knowledge graphs for faster search and digital assistants

    Graphs that are customized, stored locally, and able to change over time can enable faster and more accurate searching and digital assistants

  5. Speeding up code with clever data manipulation

    Kasikci presents a method to improve a program’s ability to use data in a straightforward, efficient way

  6. New research for the future of sustainable power and energy

    Take a look at some of the exciting new projects that will help define the next evolution of sustainable power and energy.

  7. Battery economics could power the future of energy

    Prof. Johanna Mathieu of EECS and Prof. Catherine Hausman of Public Policy are heading a new project to explore the social costs and benefits of battery energy storage on the electrical grid.

  8. Running an LED in reverse could cool future computers

    Harnessing heat flow at the nanoscale while suppressing thermal radiation from the LED enables a new approach to light-based cooling.

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  9. ECE student Brandon Russell explores space phenomena in a lab

    PhD student Brandon Russell is awarded the Rackham International Student Fellowship for his research on magnetic fields in high-energy plasmas, which could help advance the development of clean energy and our understanding of energetic astrophysical phenomena.

  10. Rackham Fellowship for enabling autonomous agents to learn continuously

    “What I’m doing is trying to come up with ideas to let the agent continue learning different skills across its life.”