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  1. Jeff Fessler receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

    Prof. Fessler has revolutionized medical imaging with groundbreaking mathematical models and algorithms that improve both safety and quality.

  2. Claude Gauthier and OmniPhy: Connecting to the ethernet revolution

    Dr. Gauthier is co-founder and CTO of the semiconductor interface intellectual property (IP) company, OmniPhy.

  3. Distinguished lecturer embarks on water quality talk tour

    Nancy Love, professor of civil & environmental engineering, embarks on a year-long water quality talk tour as a distinguished lecturer for the Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors Foundation.

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  4. $3.46M to Combine Machine Learning on Big Data with Physical Simulations

    The focal point of the project will be a new computing resource, called ConFlux, which is designed to enable supercomputer simulations to interface with large datasets while running.

  5. Michigan Researchers Win Best Paper Award at VLDB 2015

    The paper proposes an interactive natural language interface for relational databases, which enables novice users to construct complex queries.

  6. 3 ECE companies make the Silicon 60 List – again!

    Ambiq Micro, Crossbar, Inc., and PsiKick, are leading the way in ultra-low power chip design, pioneering computer memory, and ultra-low power wireless sensor platforms.

  7. Cancer “decoy” shows potential for breast cancer treatment

    A small, implantable device that researchers are calling a cancer “super-attractor” could eventually give doctors an early warning of relapse in breast cancer patients and even slow the disease’s spread to other organs in the body.

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  8. CSE Researchers Win at Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge

    Their Powerblade project is the smallest, lowest cost, and lowest power AC plug-load meter that measures real, reactive and apparent power, and reports this data over Bluetooth.

  9. Virta Labs Introduces PowerGuard™

    Virta Laboratories was co-founded in part by Prof. Kevin Fu and former CSE postdoctoral researcher Denis Foo Kune.

  10. Engineering friendship

    Alum startup Jetivity aims to bring people together around shared interests with a free platform for posting activities.