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  1. Avish Kosari selected as Barbour Scholar for Research in low-power devices for the Internet of Things

    Avish conducts research on ultra-low power and battery-less integrated circuits.

  2. A better 3D camera with clear, graphene light detectors

    While 3D films are currently made using multiple cameras to reconstruct each frame, this new type of camera could record in 3D on its own.

  3. Cutting the cost of hearing

    MEMStim’s technology is already two phases into pre-clinical testing in preparation for FDA examination. Very few MEMS devices have made it this far.

  4. Michael J. Cafarella selected for Sloan Research Fellowship

    He has built software systems for information extraction, database integration, and feature engineering and applied these to problems in the social sciences.

  5. Steven Battel elected to National Academy of Engineering

    Mr. Battel is an expert on low-noise instrumentation power systems and is internationally recognized for his expertise in the design and development of space high voltage systems.

  6. Passwords, privacy and protection: Can Apple meet FBI’s demand without creating a ‘backdoor’?

    Prof. H.V. Jagadish sheds light on current issues regarding data privacy and technology.

  7. MBus is the missing interconnect for millimeter-scale systems

    The M3 is a fully autonomous computing system that acts as a smart sensing system.

  8. Mosharaf Chowdhury receives Google Faculty Research Award

    The project aims to create a new software stack for analytics over geo-distributed datasets.

  9. Necmiye Ozay receives CAREER award for research in cyber-physical systems

    Cyber-physical systems are smart, networked systems with embedded sensors, processors, and actuators that are designed to interact with the physical world.

  10. Jenna Wiens receives NSF CAREER Award to increase the utility of machine learning in clinical care

    Her primary research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare.