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  1. Michigan Micro Mote (M3) makes history as the world’s smallest computer

    A brief history of what led to the technical feat known as the Michigan Micro Mote, a tiny speck of a computer that does it all.

  2. Yi-Chin Wu receives ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award for research in network security

    Her dissertation focused on “opacity,” which captures whether a given secret of the system can be inferred by intruders who observe the behavior of the system.

  3. HiJack Enables a Smartphone Dongle for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

    HiJack is a hardware/software platform that utilizes the headset jack on a smartphone as a universal power/data interface.

  4. Lecture offers a planetary scientist’s tour through the solar system

    The son of Hungarian Holocaust survivors, Tamas Gombosi took an unlikely path to his post as an eminent space scientist at U-M.

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  5. In our image

    How and why we make machines that move like us.

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  6. Researchers build groundbreaking device for NASA SMAP mission

    The SMAP mission is NASA’s most ambitious sensing project yet for measuring global soil moisture levels.

  7. Nick Yang: Investing in the age of robotics

    At the age of 24, Yang sold his company ChinaRen for $35 million.

  8. Yelin Kim wins Best Student Paper Award at ACM Multimedia 2014 for research in facial emotion recognition

    She computationally measures, represents, and analyzes human behavior data to illuminate fundamental human behavior and emotion perception, and develop natural human-machine interfaces.

  9. EECS alums are flying high with drone startup Skyspecs

    SkySpecs is currently in the process of launching their first product, the Guardian, which will help prevent collisions.

  10. Prof. Kamal Sarabandi elected President of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

    The IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society is a remote sensing organization with more than 3700 members around the globe.