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  1. Avish Kosari receives Rackham International Student Fellowship

    Avish is currently conducting research on ultra-low power radio technology and designing a low-power RF power amplifier.

  2. New algorithms and theory for shining light through non-transparent media

    Their technique utilizes backscatter analysis to construct “perfectly transmitting” wavefronts.

  3. Making the Internet of Things happen

    Wentzloff aims to remove the necessity of a power outlet or even a battery to power miniature sensors.

  4. Research that will lead to sharper photos earns best paper award

    The method they developed compares favorably with the best of current techniques, while being faster and easier.

  5. When GPS fails, this speck of an electronic device could step in

    The research group developed special fabrication processes that allows them to stack and bond seven different devices in layers.

  6. New laser shows what substances are made of; could be new eyes for military

    By shining the laser on a target and analyzing the reflected light, researchers can tell the chemical composition of the target.

  7. Security risks found in sensors for heart devices, consumer electronics

  8. Researchers funded to develop a leap forward in Processor Architectures

    The project proposes to produce a parallel heterogeneous 3D near-threshold computing system with unprecedented energy efficiency.

  9. After Newtown: A new use for a weapons-detecting radar?

    The technology could potentially identify a hidden weapon from a distance in less than a second.

  10. Using HERCULES to probe the interior of dense plasmas

    Thanks to HERCULES, scientists are now able to study very dense plasmas — a crucial step in nuclear fusion and astrophysical research.