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  1. Can our computers continue to get smaller and more powerful?

  2. Peter Tchoryk: An entrepreneurial CEO

    At MAC, Peter’s been able to combine his passions for scientific research and entrepreneurial creation.

  3. Shrinking the size of optical systems, exponentially

    The researchers believe that metasurfaces could one day be used to completely control the phase, amplitude, and polarization of light.

  4. Wakefield and Kieras win Best Paper Award at ICAD 2014

    The paper addresses how to manage multiple sources so that the user can maximize the information gained from each acoustic source.

  5. Parinaz Naghizadeh, Researcher in economic network security, is named a Barbour Scholar

    Parinaz’s research is in combining communications with economics to assess the security of a network and then apply that to cyber-insurance contracts.

  6. T-ray converts light to sound for weapons detection, medical imaging

    U-M researchers demonstrated a unique terahertz detector and imaging system that could bridge the terahertz gap.

  7. Making smartphones smarter: hijack adopted for use in commercial product

  8. Leaders in ultra low power cicuits and systems presenting at VLSI Circuits Symposium

    All of the research being presented focuses on getting the absolute best performance from the tiniest circuits, sensors, and electronic devices.

  9. Listening to bipolar disorder: smartphone app detects mood swings via voice analysis

  10. Heartbleed: behind the scenes at CSE