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Mimicking a human fingertip’s sensitivity and sense of direction for robotic applications
  1. Mimicking a human fingertip’s sensitivity and sense of direction for robotic applications

    With the help of 1.6 million GaN nanopillars per sensor, the University of Michigan team was able to provide human-level sensitivity with directionality on a compact, easily manufactured system

  2. Egg-carton-style patterning keeps charged nanoparticles in place and suitable for a wide range of applications

    Prof. Jay Guo and his team discovered a scalable way to settle down and precisely arrange micro- and nano-sized particles according to size

  3. New collaborative project for advancing energy justice in Detroit

    In partnership with Detroit-based community organizations, Prof. Johanna Mathieu co-leads a team of researchers working to reduce disparities in household energy insecurity for low and moderate income households.

  4. Three members of ECE will represent U-M at the 2021 Rising Stars in EECS Workshop

    PhD students Sijia Geng, Bahareh Hadidian, and Nasimeh Heydaribeni will participate in the intensive workshop that brings together outstanding women and gender minorities interested in pursuing academic careers in EECS.

  5. Elaheh Ahmadi receives DARPA Young Faculty Award to support future sensor and communication systems

    Ahmadi’s research is focused on using GaN and Ga2O3 materials to provide higher output power per unit area at higher frequencies.

  6. $1.7M to build everyday exoskeletons to assist with lifting, walking and climbing stairs

    The modular exoskeleton system will help workers and the elderly, boosting ankle, knee and/or hip joints by mounting new motors to off-the-shelf orthotics.

  7. $1.8M to develop room temperature, controllable quantum nanomaterials

    The project could pave the way for compact quantum computing and communications as well as efficient UV lamps for sterilization and air purification.

  8. The NAE invites Prof. Necmiye Ozay to symposium to advance the engineering frontier

    Ozay presented on her research that is relevant to cybersecurity and the future of space exploration.

  9. Anthony England, former NASA astronaut, professor, and dean, retires

    England has dedicated more than two decades of his distinguished career helping students reach for the stars to understand more about Earth and other planets.

  10. Solar cells with 30-year lifetimes for power-generating windows

    High-efficiency but fragile molecules for converting light to electricity thrive with a little protection.

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