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Al-Thaddeus Avestruz receives CAREER Award to advance sustainable energy storage
  1. Al-Thaddeus Avestruz receives CAREER Award to advance sustainable energy storage

    Using retired electric vehicle batteries, the project plans to enable widespread and equitable access to sustainable power and energy through sustainable energy storage.

  2. Three ECE students awarded Rackham fellowships

    Cheng-Hsun Lu,
    Shih-Chi Liao, and Jiale Zhang have been awarded the Rackham International Students Fellowship/Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship.

  3. New understanding of neurons in the hippocampus: they’re all the same

    A longstanding collaboration between engineers and neuroscientists leads to new insights into how neurons work in the hippocampus.

  4. Research on modeling time-variant systems earns Brockett-Willems Outstanding Paper Award

    Prof. Peter Seiler co-authored the paper that focuses on reachability analysis for a variety of systems, including aircraft control and autonomous vehicles.

  5. Quantum tech: Semiconductor “flipped” to insulator above room temp

    Discovery could pave the way to high speed, low-energy quantum computing.

  6. Research full speed ahead on manufacturable III-V materials for next-generation electronics

    A recent breakthrough in ferroelectric III-V semiconductors at the University of Michigan has been followed by several advancements and new funding to bring the technology closer to market.

  7. Optimizing the interactions between critical infrastructure systems for better flexibility, sustainability, and resiliency

    PhD student Anna Stuhlmacher researches how the water distribution network can better provide services to the power network, which can allow for greater integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, reduce costs, and improve system resiliency.

  8. Batteryless next-generation cellular devices could empower a more sustainable future

    PhD student Trevor Odelberg is looking to enable long range, highly reliable, and low-power cellular IoT devices that one day can run entirely on harvested energy, reducing battery waste and empowering devices to last for decades.

  9. Katie Bouman talks legacy of the black hole imaging project and favorite U-M memories

    Before Bouman became the face of the project that brought us the first ever image of a black hole, she was wowing ECE professors with design projects and hoarding Domino’s pizza with her HKN family.

  10. Prof. Heath Hofmann named IEEE Fellow for his impact in the areas of electric machinery and drive systems

    Hofmann’s control technology has been implemented in commercial vehicles, and he works tirelessly to enhance opportunities for underrepresented students.