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Ester Bentley receives NDSEG Fellowship to help the world navigate without GPS
  1. Ester Bentley receives NDSEG Fellowship to help the world navigate without GPS

    PhD student Ester Bentley designs smaller, better 3D mechanical resonators for use in high-performance gyroscopes to help unmanned systems navigate when GPS signal is jammed or lost.

  2. The Wolverines Behind the Next Generation of Autonomous Vehicles

    The Center for Entrepreneurship profiles a team of EECS students, who are working to develop the next generation of delivery vehicles.

  3. Tracking COVID-19 spread faster, and more accurately

    A new application for an ongoing NSF project could bolster contract tracing efforts.

  4. New machine learning method improves testing of stem-like tumor cells for breast cancer research

    To improve the prediction and identification of stem-like cancer cells, Prof. Euisik Yoon’s group developed a method that is 3.5 times faster than the standard approach.

  5. Battery-free sensor startup takes aim at industrial efficiency

    Part of the team that brought us the world’s smallest computer in 2015 brings the future of computing technology into the present.

  6. Improved neural probe can pose precise questions without losing parts of the answers

    It will now be possible to study brain activity when timing is important, such as the consolidation of memory.

  7. Game theory and the COVID-19 outbreak: Coordinating our interests at individual to national levels

    A major defense project pivots to explore how to encourage COVID-safe behavior effectively.

  8. Catching nuclear smugglers: fast algorithm could enable cost-effective detectors at borders

    The algorithm can pick out weak signals from nuclear weapons materials, hidden in ordinary radiation sources like fertilizer.

  9. “Ultra low-power receivers for IoT applications” wins Outstanding Invited Paper

    Prof. David Wentzloff’s paper examining the trends and techniques to achieve ultra-low power receivers was honored by the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference

  10. Plasma jet wands could rapidly decontaminate hospital rooms

    Room-temperature plasma beams could essentially dissolve away bacteria and viruses.