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Immune to hacks: Inoculating deep neural networks to thwart attacks
  1. Immune to hacks: Inoculating deep neural networks to thwart attacks

    The adaptive immune system serves as a template for defending neural nets from confusion-sowing attacks.

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  2. Alireza Ramyar awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for his research on power processing architectures for improved sustainability

    Ramyar’s research focuses on how power and energy can be transformed, extracted from clean power generation, and stored effectively and sustainably.

  3. Touheed Anwar Atif awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for his research on quantum information and quantum computing

    Atif’s coding framework addresses quantum information network coding problems and has helped uncover new insights into the world of quantum information.

  4. Ashley Jian receives Barbour Scholarship to further her research on high-power electronics

    Jian works to improve the efficiency of high-power electronics for better energy security and sustainability.

  5. Anna Stuhlmacher awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for her research that could help integrate renewable energy sources into the power grid

    Stuhlmacher is working to optimize the interaction between the power distribution network and the drinking water distribution network to improve the sustainability, flexibility, and resiliency of both systems.

  6. Subhajit Mohanty awarded Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement

    Mohanty’s research is focused on advancing high electron mobility transistors for next generation wireless technologies.

  7. Ashley Jian awarded Marian Sarah Parker Prize from the College of Engineering

    Jian’s research is focused on improving the efficiency of high-power electronics, which is important for energy security and sustainability.

  8. ECE alum Mihir Sheth receives Young Innovator Award from Innovate UK for making a medical device that weans patients off ventilators quicker

    Sheth is the co-founder of Inspiritus Health and has developed a simple to use, non-invasive medical device that keeps patients’ muscles engaged when they are on a ventilator to prevent muscle atrophy.

  9. Qing Qu receives CAREER award to explore the foundations of machine learning and data science

    His research develops computational methods for learning succinct representations from high-dimensional data.

  10. ‘Exciton surfing’ could enable next-gen energy, computing and communications tech

    A charge-neutral information carrier could cut energy waste from computing, now that it can potentially be transported within chips.