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The ‘Power’ of a lunchbox
  1. The ‘Power’ of a lunchbox

    Vasanthakumar came back to Chennai in 2016 with a goal to reinvent traditional and widely used personal products, starting with one of the most versatile products –— the lunchbox.

  2. Seeing through materials

    By developing a fast algorithm to map out the paths light takes through yogurt, researchers aim to someday see through skin.

  3. Dmitry Berenson helps robots play nice with people

    Putting our arm movements into code.

  4. ‘Sister cell’ profiling aims to shut down cancer metastasis

    Michigan engineers release individual cells from a specially-designed chip using laser pulses.

    The post ‘Sister cell’ profiling aims to shut down cancer metastasis appeared first on Engineering Research News.

  5. Building more stable four-legged robots

    A biologist turned roboticist takes a closer look at dog gaits to help design better movements for four-legged robots.

  6. Behzad Yektakhah earns paper award for research in seeing through walls

    Yektakhah’s system improves on the speed, portability, and accuracy of many commercial models

  7. ECE Alumnus Kevin Johnson receives IEEE-USA Award

    This award is given to those for Distinguished Public Service that is expected to help tech employees

  8. How to build a BigANT – Shai Revzen’s critter-inspired robots

    How to build fast and cheap robots

  9. Shai Revzen part of a new five-institution MURI focused on the control of dynamic systems

    As a member of the DDOTS to PICS MURI, Revzen will advance modeling and control of dynamic systems.

  10. Gopal Nataraj receives U-M Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship to support high-impact research in medical imaging

    Award for outstanding doctoral candidates near the end of their study.