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Touchless respiratory and heart rate measurement for COVID-19 health screening
  1. Touchless respiratory and heart rate measurement for COVID-19 health screening

    New technology provides a contactless method to add respiratory rate and heart rate to temperature readings .

  2. Tracking Monarch Butterfly Migration with the World’s Smallest Computer

    In a project funded by National Geographic, ECE researchers are teaming up with the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology to advance our understanding of monarch butterfly migration with the most ambitious iteration of the Michigan Micro Mote yet.

  3. Student works on a NASA quantum satellite link

    ECE master’s student Conner Stevons completed a remote internship at the NASA Glenn Research Center where he worked on Marconi 2.0, NASA’s plan to bridge quantum technology with a telecommunications system.

  4. New grant to expand open source control software for an intuitive robotic prosthetic leg

    University of Michigan researchers have been awarded an NSF grant to design an open source framework for robotic prosthetic legs that function more naturally and offer a wider range of capabilities.

  5. Burn after reading

    A self-erasing chip for security and anti-counterfeit tech.

  6. Research to improve medical imaging of the brain receives Magna cum Laude Merit award

    The interdisciplinary team was able to dramatically speed up the process while potentially doubling the quality of the image

  7. Coordination and collaboration are critical to U.S. leadership in plasma science: a Q&A with the Plasma 2020 Decadal Study co-chair

    Plasma science has the potential to speed advances in medicine, energy, electronics and more—including helping us deal with pandemics.

  8. Mirror-like photovoltaics get more electricity out of heat

    By reflecting nearly all the light they can’t turn into electricity, they help pave the way for storing renewable energy as heat.

  9. Magna cum Laude Merit Award for research to detect the progress of diseases such as multiple sclerosis

    The researchers’ imaging technique is fast, accurate, and reproducible

  10. U-M startup SkyGig aims to take 5G to the next level

    With new funding in the company, the hardtech startup is bringing revolutionary technologies to reshape mmWave wireless.