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Jiyue Zhu awarded Wiesnet Medal for improved snow algorithms
  1. Jiyue Zhu awarded Wiesnet Medal for improved snow algorithms

    An award-winning method will help us better understand how much snow is on the ground.

  2. The next medical markets of Collin Rich

    An expert health sciences entrepreneur, Rich is ready to repeat success with revolutionary technology.

  3. Paper award for training computer vision systems more accurately

    PhD student Jean Young Song offers an improved solution to the problem of image segmentation.

  4. Mingyan Liu, 2018 Distinguished University Innovator, talks about her company and data science commercialization

    Mingyan Liu, recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Innovator of the Year award, gave a talk about her startup company and participated on a panel discussing data science commercialiation.

  5. Exoskeletons compete to boost strength of rescue workers

    Five college teams test robotic suits that could enhance humans’ abilities.

  6. Students win prizes for improving image processing techniques for liver cancer detection and much more

    Students in EECS 556: Image Processing, explore methods to improve image processing in applications such as biomedical imaging and video and image compression

  7. Huanting Huang and the mathematical shape of trees

    An award-winning modeling method will help us better understand our natural environment

  8. Solar cells enable self-powered camera

    A solar cell combined with a camera sensor collects photons to provide electricity.

  9. Dmitry Berenson receives NSF CAREER Award to advance a robot’s ability to handle soft objects

    Berenson works to improve the ability of autonomous robots to handle soft, deformable objects.

  10. SMAP Update: A mission to manage water globally

    The satellite mission to collect global data of surface soil moisture can help weather forecasting around the world.