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Professor Leung Tsang Receives 2018 Van de Hulst Award
  1. Professor Leung Tsang Receives 2018 Van de Hulst Award

    Prof. Tsang is a world-renowned expert in the field of theoretical and computational electromagnetics, and in particular microwave remote sensing of the earth.

  2. A shoe-box-sized chemical detector

    Powered by a broadband infrared laser, the device can zero in on the ‘spectral fingerprint region’.

  3. The art of cyber war with Isaac Porche

    Porche shares the global state of cyber warfare, and how his time at Michigan led him to the front lines.

  4. Seed-sized U-M computers pumped into oil wells featured at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

    Millimeter-sized computers log the temperature and pressure from deep within oil wells.

  5. New funding for high-fidelity nerve mapping research

    SPARC awarded $1M to a U-M project developing better nerve mapping.

  6. $1.6M toward artificial intelligence for data science

    DARPA is trying to build a system that can turn large data sets into models that can make predictions, and U-M is in on the project.

  7. Evigia founder Navid Yazdi creates essential sensor networks

    Alumnus Navid Yazdi develops sensors that accomplish incredible tasks.

  8. Footsteps all her own

    The unexpected journey of father-and-daughter Raytheon engineers.

  9. Historic satellite launch brings U-M history to space

    Planning to launch mid-2018, an exciting team of Michigan students is designing a space-based time capsule.

  10. Student’s digital art makes the Cube even more interactive

    Keenan Rebara hopes to add to the fun of spinning the Cube using his a bit of physics and sensors.